A-CEART welcomes correspondence from Professor Denis A. Cusack, MBRS

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27 Jan 2017: A-CEART Received a very encouraging phone call from Professor Denis A. Cusack, UCD, MBRS,  in relation to the announcement in the Media earlier on this same morning that the Drugalyzer/Chemical Saliva Swab Drug Testing Device would be available for use by An Garda Siochana by the end of March this year (2017) I welcomed this announcement, long awaited, as we had been campaigning for this Device/apparatus since the foundation of A-CEART...see No 11 of our Aims & Objectives in this website.

A-CEART was present in University College Dublin, (UCD) today to hear the Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Deputy Paschal Donohoe, T.D; make this long awaited announcement of New Measures to Test Drivers for Drug Driving in collaboration with the MBRS, the RSA, and the Garda Siochana.  The Roadside Impairment Testing (RIT) will provide An Garda Siochana with additional powers to test drivers whom they suspect of driving under the influence of Drugs (DUID). As part of the new test, drivers will be required to undergo five (5) impairment tests; a Pupil Dilation Test, Modifie Romberg Balance Test, Walk and Turn Test, One Leg Stand Test and lastly a Finger to Nose Test. So the message as from today is: "If You Drive On Drugs...Your Out Of Your Mind" !
Also, by the latter part of 2015 a "Roadside Chemical Drug Testing Device  will come on stream and the Gardai will then be trained in the use of this device. This is most welcome news to the ears of A-CEART.  This has been a constant campaign for A-CEART since it's foundation...See our 12 Aims and Objectives in that Section..this is No 11 on the list finally coming to fruition.