Get Involved

We are always looking for volunteers to join us in our many campaigns.  There are a number of ways in which you can get involved:
  1. Become an active volunteer and share some of our work in lobbying and awareness raising.
  2. Make a donation to help us in our work - A-CEART is funded solely by public donations and sponsorship and receives no public funding. 
  3. Spread the message of A-CEART to public representatives, schools, youth organisations and in your community.
  4. To get involved, make a donation or sponsor one of our safety campaigns email Mary now!   DONATE here by clicking to pay via Paypal

Here is a poem given to us by Eamonn Bonner and we thank him for his contribution. 

Flowers by the Roadside
It's been said that all of us
are on a journey
in this life

It's been said that none of us
know what lies ahead
in terms of strife

Someone travelled on this road
on a promise they held dear
Someone passed along this way
and their journey ended here

The place where all the love is rested there
The place where those who gather say a prayer
a star
sent far away in space

Flowers now mark out their place.