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1) To make a positive contribution towards reducing road carnage on Ireland's roads.

2) To continue what I started now 12 years ago in 2004, lobbying the Minister for Education and other relevant Government Ministers to introduce Driver Education and Driver Training into the curriculum of our schools at all levels nationwide as soon as possible.

3) To continue to create awareness of the unacceptable level of road carnage that is still happening on our roads.

4) To continue highlighting the fact that road collisions are generally caused by carelessness, recklessness and inappropriate behaviour on the part of some individual, but I am aware of exceptional circumstances whereby vehicle faults and certain road conditions may be responsible.

5) To continue pressing the Minister for Justice to allow for more Garda resources to tackle drunk driving, drug driving and speeding on unsuitable roads. 

6) To keep calling for more stringent enforcement of the legislation we already have, including more enforcement on the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving any mechanically propelled vehicle.

7) To keep requesting that the current legislation on breathalysing (which I first called for in a presentation to the Co. Donegal VEC meeting in Bundoran on 21st November 2005) to be implemented fully and without delay with NO loopholes. 

8) To call for roadside cameras to be installed as soon as is feasible.

9) To call for restrictions on young fully licensed drivers after they get their first driving license, e.g. a complete ban on alcohol consumption up to 21 years of age, and that they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a full license for two years after they get their full license.

10) To lobby insurance companies to give insurance incentives to young drivers during work hours, and a much higher premium for night time driving from 10pm to 6 am. It appears to be during these hours that most serious and fatal road collisions occur.  But, to ensure that this penalty does not apply to those who have to work at night.

11) To request the Ministers for Justice and Transport (of the day) to supply the Garda with the necessary equipment to test drivers for drugged and drunk driving with the equipment that has been tried tested and proven to work in many other European countries and other continents for some considerable time.

12) To lobby for improvement in roads infrastructure.

Mary Clinton launches the second phase of the A-CEART Campaign
Mary Clinton launched the second phase of the A-CEART Campaign on 16th October 2008.  She seeks to further the aims and objectives of her existing Road Safety campaign.  A-CEART will continue to focus on the need for more educational interventions to address Ireland's on-going and still appalling road safety record. 

In April 2008, Mary was  informed by the then Minister for Education, Minister Mary Hanafin T.D. that a new module on Road Safety, which Mary had been lobbying for from May 2004, (having been Piloted in 50 schools in 2007) was being implemented and launched into all second level colleges for transition year students from September 2008.  This was the most positive thing Minister Hanafin could have accomplished before she left the Department of Education and Science.

About the Campaign:

Mary Clinton was also very encouraged and heart-lifted by the very generous sponsorship of a Mercedes Benz Car for one year (2007) by Tony Kelly of Tony Kelly Cars, Letterkenny. The sponsorship of this car was aimed at assisting Mary in her promotion of Road Safety education - to enable her to go into schools and colleges to deliver presentations on road safety to transition, third and forth year students.  The use of a Tony Kelly car enabled me to cover 17 Counties promoting my Road Safety appeal message. Also, many thanks to Michael O’Donnell of AXA Insurance, Letterkenny for sponsoring the insurance cover of the A-CEART car for the duration of 2008.  Many Letterkenny businesses helped to print 70,000 fliers in 3 language: English, Gaeilge and Polish, which were distributed throughout 17 counties. Many thanks to Judge Seamus Hughes for his continued support and help..

A very special thanks to Ms Aine Ui Dhomhnaill, Deputy Principal of Gael scoil Adhamhnain, Gleann Cearra, Leitir Ceanainn for  translating my message into Gaelige.  And also a special thanks to Stan Sleszynski, Derry and Marcin Iwanicki, Letterkenny for helping me with the Polish translation.

As a follow up to my campaign appeal message to the general public in March 2007 by the circulation of 60,000 fliers in the English language, I have now embarked on the 2nd phase of converting my Road Safety message into both the Irish/Gaelic language and the Polish language with the aim of reaching a wider community of Gaelscoileanna and the Gaeltacht areas throughout Ireland.  I also have translations in Lithuanian as part of phase 3 of my Road Safety campaign.

A-CEART Appeal:
I am making a fresh appeal to all drivers to respect human life, both their own lives and the lives of every other road user.  I am appealing to parents to please talk to their children regarding their driving behaviour on the roads.  Precious lives just might be saved as a result.  It is the responsibility of every parent to know where their children are and what time they return home.  Setting standards, discipline and boundaries are an essential part of child-rearing from a very early age!  I’m appealing to the Health Service Executive (HSE)  to provide free of charge and without delay, a counselling service to the 3 emergency services, the Gardai, the ambulance officers and the fire officers to help them to deal with the horrific road carnage they come across on almost daily basis.  I would hope that this service is already available, if required, to the parents and family members of victims of road tragedies.

I’m also suggesting that principals of all secondary schools, rather than taking their students on a fun day out, take them instead by prior arrangement to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire. (As a shock exercise to see those permanently injured as a result of irresponsible or inappropriate driving behaviour.)


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Some of A-CEART's Aims & Objectives & Lobbying since 2005.