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Mary Clinton Founder of A-CEART

Road Safety Campaigner, Donegal woman Mary Clinton, founded A-CEART (Action - Campaign for Education Against Road Tragedies) in 2004.  This campaign group focuses on the need for more education interventions to address Ireland's appalling road safety record.  The group will have a specific focus on education and incorporating road safety into all levels of the national curriculum.  The group will lobby government departments including the new Road Safety Authority (RSA), Department of Education and other relevant bodies.

A-CEART means ‘right’ in Irish - everyone has a right to live a full and productive life unhindered by the lifestyle and/or inappropriate behaviour of another human being. Every life is precious and sacred.  How can we have abundant life if we are prematurely dead or permanently injured as result of irresponsible behaviour by others?!

A-CEART Motto:
As adults, we have a moral obligation to educate the next generation of drivers about the consequences of poor driving behaviour.  Each week brings more tragedies on our roads, mostly involving the younger generation.  For this to stop, A-CEART believes that road safety education will play a major role.  Our young people play a vital role in society and should be valued and respected for their contribution to society but I feel their energy can sometimes be channeled in the wrong direction - into an unsafe environment with an extremely vulnerable piece of metal, second only to a loaded gun.

“Constant Road Carnage is No Accident. Taking Risks is No Accident. It’s A Choice, Your Choice. Choose Responsibility, Not Carelessness. It just might Save a Life, Your Life or that of your Mates!"

Mission Statement:
Drunk driving is a statistically proven killer as is drugged driving, along with a number of other factors.  For example: excessive speed, aggression, anger, impatience, fatigue, the using of hand-held mobile phones while driving any vehicle, peer pressure and bravado.  It need not be so... you can change your lifestyle and behaviour!

Road Safety Appeal:
If you Love your Neighbour as you ought to Love Yourself,
Think before you take that uncalculated risk.
If you want to be “Big” be “Big” on sense
If you must Drink, Please Don’t Drive!
It could be your “Last of Both”
The next vehicle you collide with, could be your Brother, Sister, Father or Mother. Is it worth that risk? There is no turning back the clock!
If you want to be “Big” be “Big” on Sense!
It just might SAVE a LIFE, your own or that of your Mates!   


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